Sewing a Mask

from Grace Tsiang

For those who sew, the pattern below (Kathleen Richert, designer) is fully washable for reuse. 

If elastic 1/4″ is not available, 1.75″ or 2″ wide strips can be cut out of  spare cotton muslin, and folded in four lengthwise for straps. 26″ long for 
each side, with 12″ and 8″ extra at the top (nose) of the mask and bottom  (chin) side leaves enough to tie to fit. 

(Optional: sew two 1/4″ chin tucks at bottom edge for best fit. ) 

Note: Bias tape, bought or homemade, also holds up better with re-washing than  elastic bands. Disinfection: launder in hot water and detergent and press 
with hot iron. 

The pattern

Step by step instructions:


and pasting

Finally: wear it correctly